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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 00:49:20 EDT From: Subject: The Rice Grower (Part 2)The Rice Grower by The heritical Hawk*****PART TWO ****** I followed him to his double wide that is situated in the midst of rice paddies. Huge rice paddies.The place is swarming with "Cow Birds." They are really Cattle Egrets. Beautiful white birds with "S" shaped necks, long feather plumes on the back of their head and walk gracefully about on long black legs.They feed on all the crawfish that live in the mud of the rice paddies.Also eat tons of insects every day. Truly the farmers' friends. There were hundreds of these long legged white beauties everywhere on his property. This let me know that he gave a great deal of consideration to wildlife and the ecology of his farm.The road bed is built up to be above the water level in the fields. It was hardpacked soil. The Double wide house was on a man made "island" at the end of the private causeway. Nice and dry. The road was one lane wide which meant that I could easily be trapped there if anything nefarious was afoot. It was xxx russian nude girls almost a half-mile from the road to his home.I just had to take this chance. That's the kinda guy he is. That's the effect russian gay porn he has on me. Caution be damned.The double wide he lived in was not just a trailer. It was landscaped with shrubs, flowers and large Live Oak trees. Really erotic dating russian nice. A home. russian pubescent girl nude No trailer trash here. A man of pride lived here and cared for the place. This man named Kurt.It was his home, and it was very nicely kept and pleasant place. Neat as a pin.It said, "Welcome." I felt welcome russian nice girl and comfortable.His wife's picture russian girl 006 was the first thing mature russian amateurs I saw on the table in the living room.I'd russian girl trailers love to be able to tell you that she's a fat slob who has no business with a man like this in her life.Alas! She is drop dead gorgeous! Just the type you'd expect a stud like this to marry.You know...the perfect couple. The beautiful people.I figure she must weigh all of 110! Blonde hair. Looks really sweet and hot at the same time. Damn!No kids pictures though. I asked Kurt russian masturbation if they had any. I russian free gay sex wish I hadn't.He got this pained look on his chat russian girl free face, and I knew it was something I should not have asked."Look man, I'm sorry if I brought up something painful.""Oh that's okay Jim. We tried to have kids and actually had a little boy. Baby Lucas. He died after only two days of life. He's buried under the Live Oak in front of the living room window. Under all those flowers." He seemed compelled to continue. Saying,"Since that happened, Shirley doesn't want to ever try again. We haven't had sex in months. I mean M-o-n-t-h-s! She's turned off illegal russian incest on sex..or me."I knew it couldn't be him. Noboby could be turned off on this beautiful hunk of manhhod.That's when it dawned on me why he was so ready to hear what I muttered in the supermarket. He was dead Horny! He was ready for someone like me to come along. I'm sure glad it was me!I'd followed him to this rice plantation to solve that problem for him. Solve it, I would.We went to the "guest russian litlle sex girls bedroom" because I told him I wouldn't have sex with him in their bed. I wouldn't violate there private sanctum.When I russian voyer said that, he grabbed me and russian foot torture almost squeezed the breath outta me."Thanks Jim! You're a real man. When I come to your place someday, I'll respect your wife the same way."THAT BLEW MY MIND!We hadn't even done free sexy russian bride anything yet and here he was telling russian nude singles me russian kids naked free about our future meetings! That scared me a bit. 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I love my Daddy man's big meat."Man! He really is into this role! I fuckin' love it! I'm into it russian porn usenet too! I'm leaking all over myself inside my jeans.Suddenly, I feel a smack on both sides of my head! He's russian amature sex grabbing my head in his huge burley hands and is going to fuck my hot mouth with that tool of his.I'm in cocksuckers heaven. Can't help but moan with delight as I suck and tongue every inch of that wonderous fuck stick."That's right you cocksucking, faggot boy . Let Daddy russian gearls hear how much you love his big dick. You like my German meat don't you boy?""Umm!" is all I am able to say as he is pounding my mouth and down my throat with that hot sex tool of his. I start to cup and massage those big, lucious cum filled nuts of his. God! nymphs russian girls nude They smell heavenly! Hot man musk right in my face, slapping my chin.I can't believe how much more intense this face fucking is getting. 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I tasted pretty damn good, even if I do say so,""Well, Sir, what do you think about the taste of you in my mouth?."I don't know. I don't think I got enough of it all over you yet. Wadda you think boy? You want some more of it?""Oh yes Sir. ALL you'll give me, Sir." "What about if I unload my hot nuts in your cocksucking sex nudist russian mouth, you man whore? I'll bet you'd like to drink my cum, wouldn't you? You'd swallow it all too.""Oh yes 12yo russian Sir. Please Sir. Give it all to me, please Sir. I'm your cum pig! Let sexy russian secretaries me root for it, please.""Well, you're gonna have to be punished some more for being a bad boy today. Acting like a common street whore in the grocery store, and all.""You're right Sir. What punishment are you gonna give me?""Well, boy, I know how much you like and want my big cock down your throat. Let me see, I guess I'll punish you by NOT letting you have anymore. You'll just have to get nekkid and sit in the floor. 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It's not, and you're gonna know that before you leave here."Well, as sacred as that made me, I realized that he at least wasn't going to murder me and bury me in a rice paddie!Without warning again, he's pushing me back into the corner..not kids russian pussy hurting me at all. Well, a bit...but in a good way.Suddenly he grabbed hold of my cock and starts massaging it like it is his own. He sure knew how to make my "John Henry" (yeah! That's what I named it) feel real good. I could tell though that he wasn't too experienced at jacking photo forbiden russian porn another man's cock.If he ony knew mine could be like it was his own... just for the asking!"Damn man! You're hung as big russian pornography pictures as I am! Maybe bigger.""Yeah, I know. I like yours best though.""Why's that?""'Cause it's hooked onto you, stud!"Giving me that grin again,"I'll bet you skewered quite a few dudes and women with that thing, haven't you JIm?""I've had my share.""Share hell! You've had more'n your share. I can just tell. You've got that free russian erotica "I'm a russian cuties gallery sex fiend" look about you now that I look closer."Really? Is that what you see,Sir?"I'll tell you what I see, russian girls nu sites boy. I see petite russian porn you sliding down that fuckin' wall right now and sittin' hardcore russian techno there while I have me some fun with you. Got that?"Before I am able to utter a sound, I'm shoved down by those strong, muscular arms. There above me is this most gorgeous man. His massive cock looming over me.I know inside that I am his to do with as he wants. I think he knows it too. I hope he knows it."Take a look up here,boy. Watch this man jack his big cock over you. You Like it don't you?""Yes Sir. I like anything you russian sex porn thumbs want to do Sir.""Now that's a good boy if I ever heard one. I'm a MAN and don't you ever forget it!""Oh I won't Sir! You're all man. Everything about you shouts M-A-N!""That's right. 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See?"Kurt...please tell me how I can help you.""Oh shit man! free russian pic You already have. You saw me in the fuckin' store and wanted me. You told me you did, and here you are. And here I am wanting you just amateur russian free porno as bad! Am I a... am I a fuckin' queer?""Kurt, do you think of me as just a fuckin' queer?"Oh God NO Jim. I think you're really a hot dude. In fact, I think I'd like to suck your cock. I'm scared about that Jim. I have never done that before. Believe me.""I'll tell you what Kurt. fuck russian midget Just forget all that for adult russian costumes today. We're gonna see each other again.""Are you tellin' me the truth? Will you see me again?""Well, you've already told me that you're Sexy russian blonde gonna be good and respectful when you come to my russian nude thumbnails home. So...I guess it's a done deal, Kurt."Tears were welling up in those blue eyes again. This time they were tears of...for lack of a better word...appreciation.Again he asks, "So you ARE gonna see me. Right?"I hold him by his shoulders and say,"Only putas russian hairy if YOU want xxx russian porn to Kurt.""Oh hell yeah, JIm. I want that 'cause you have let me know I am still a man. A desirable M-A-N! I guess russian mafia sex trafficking I need to see you again. I don't want you to be just another guy who's sucked me off. I want you to be my buddy. What do you say?""Phew! That's what I say Kurt. You are the most unbelieveably warm man I've met in a long time. Also a man who gets into to playing a game so sex won't just be slap, bam, thank you man.""Hey. Don't you mean 'thank you Ma'am' ?""Well, who's the "ma'am" here? You? Me? I Lesbian russian babes don't see any ma'am. I see two MEN who are enjoying each other.""Are you REALLY enjoying being with me Jim?""Oh shit Kurt! If you weren't so fuckin' loveable, I'd kick your gorgeous hairy ass!"We both get a laugh outta that. It breaks up what's left of the awful tension that came bubbling up horny russian fucking out of his grief.If nothing else happened here today, I've helped him vent his grief over his profound loss, and the agony of being unfairly faulted for it.Somehow, Shirley isn't as pretty to me now as her picture in the living room.After this unexpected change in the mood, you'd think that sex was tight russian ass over between us.You'd be right in one respect. You'd definitely be wrong 12th century russian costume in another...We both realize that the moment is past for now. I dress and so does kurt. I start to go to the door to leave when he's suddenly blocking my way."Jim. russian porn password Promise me you'll see me again. Give me your phone number. I'll give you mine."He didn't realze I'd already memorized his russian non nude galleries from the phone in the living room. I'm pretty sneaky that way.)"Kurt, I just can't take a chance on giving out my phone number until I know you better.""Okay. Okay. How about russian forced sex movies at least giving me your address so I'll know where you live. After all, you sure russian nude girls ed as hell know where I live.""That's sounds reasonable enough Kurt. Just promise me you won't do anything foolish. I have a wife to consider. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her. Understand where I'm coming from? I'm dead serious about that Kurt. No...I'm Texas dead serious.""Sure. I understand where you're comin' from. I promise to be a good boy.""Wait a minute! Are YOU the boy now? AH! HA! ""Yeah I guess I am. Why?""Why? I'll tell you why, puppy. Now you'll know what this Daddy man can do for his bad boy! No. Make that 'do to' his bad boy.""Oh yeah?'"Yeah! Hell yeah, boy. Come here where you belong...and do it NOW."Grabbing him, I kissed him like I know he's never been kissed by a man...or maybe even a woman. Who knows...Who cares!He has just melted into my arms. He IS "my boy" now. This hunk of man. This dream come true. I KNOW free russian voyeur sites he's mine for the taking and, by God, take him I will...totally. Just not today. Not totally...Why? It's just that men like Kurt are rare. I just proved to him just how rare I think he is. Right here in his front doorway with russian fuck it wide open, looking out over acres and acres of rice paddies and hundreds cowbirds. Overlooking little Lucas' grave. Right russian pubescent pic here I showed blow job russian him. illegal russian sex gallery He knows it now for sure.****************** I've left for home now, and I can tell you that I proved to Kurt that I could, would and did drain that irrigation hose he keeps in his pants. Just like I said in the supermarket. Even better.I drank all of him! He's dry ...for now. He's satisfied...for now. I am not! I want more of this man. My motto;,"Too much is never enough" sure fits how I feel about him. Him...he's my rice grower.I drank deeply and lustfully of his heady, intoxicating aroma and delicious man juices. His elixer. Satisfying, wonderful...and yet, I already want more. More of his hot jizz filling my cumpig mouth and throat. More of his sweat. Even more of his tears. More of his ripe man fragrance. His "perfume." His 'fume that school girls russian putas I'm wearing all over me.Hell. Just plain more of him. All of him. I want to melt into him russian naked nudist kids so we will be free russian sex pictures one, where there are now two.Fuck Shirley and the pig that rode her in here.He's mine now.There WILL be other times I know! Kurt has told me there will be. He is NOT a man who takes "no" for an answer IF It's something he wants. I don't either. Hmmm. Wonder who will be Daddy man next time?For whatever reason...he wants me. That much I know already.I am flattered to know that I've still "got it." Whatever the hell that "it" is.Like I told you,Kurt asked me for my address. Unlike me at all...I gave it to him. Don't ask me how, I just know I can trust him.****************** Just a few minutes ago, my wife came in here where I'm typing this russian girls single and said a huge truck pulled up and is russian girls suck cock turning 'round in our driveway. Driving really slow.My heart skipped a beat.Was he here to blow my life to pieces?Scared shitless again, I went out the front door.He was driving slowly by...looking at my house. He had been down the street and turned around. I went down to the end of the drive and asked him what he was doing."I just wanted to be sure you gave me the right address Jim. Besides, I miss you russian nude boys gallery already.""I know I'm good Kurt, but this is ridiculous. Now don't you ever stop being ridiculous! You hear me?""Damn Jim. You must like me, like I like you!""Looks like it stud!" "Now go away. At russian painting nude least for now! Not for too long."*********************** This is going to be an unusual journey. Not one that I fear though. We both have too much to loose, and we cuties russian know it.I sent him on his way with a promise of even better times to come. I will keep that promise.As he was driving away, he called back, "I'm not going to the grocery store!"Then there was that laugh again. My russian tinygirls heart melted. I started humming to myself as I walked russian nude camps back up to the house. At the door was "she who must be obeyed"....watching.Before she could say a word, I looked at her, smiled, hugged her and said, "Just a guy who was asking directions, dear." "Nice rice truck, eh?"I could hear that beast roaring as he shifted gears going down the back road towards his home. Hopefully, with a smile on his beautiful, manly face. I know russian cum party article I've got a smile inside right now that's almost as big as my hard on!******************************* Did you like this story? Please let me know. Write me at: [IMAGE] The authorThere will be more of The Rice Grower in my life. If you liked this, let me know so he can be in yours too.
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